PARTY TIME – Thomas the Tank

And the love of Thomas lives on! *sigh* Couldn’t we do something different? Nope, he wanted Thomas. Again. LOL 😉

This year we decided to have the party “off-site,”as in not at the house. I was pregnant and just not up to dealing with a big party at the house. So we booked a party at the Texas Transportation Museum, on the Little Red Caboose. The party would be held in a real caboose and included train rides on a real steam train.

Pretty much everything that could go wrong for this party, did! We had monsoon rains for days before and the day of the party. We get to the party site, and the electricity is out. There were no lights and no air conditioning (it was HOT, and I was pregnant – not a good combination…lol). Apparently the storm had knocked power out for that whole section of the grid. We were assured power would return soon, so we opted to trudge forward and have the party anyway. UGH! My beautiful cake did not like the high, hot humidity and began it’s slow downfall. The icing started to melt and smear. One of the cakes now looked like the leaning tower of Pisa. Ah well, it’s just going to get eaten anyway, right? Oh wait, I’m pregnant – everything is dramatized x’s 10. Did I mention how HOT it was?

At any rate, the party continued, without lights or a/c, but the kids hardly noticed. They had a great time, and that’s all that really matters!

The Invite – I designed two and let Jacob choose. He opted for the first one.

This is the front (we did a folded card for this one):

Design #2:

The Cakes – As noted above, the cakes did not like the humidity!

Centerpieces – I used Thomas gift bags and attached balloons (Hey, I was pregnant and all about everything being EASY!) 😉

Train shaped rice krispie treats:

Birthday Shirt – I designed this shirt for the Birthday Boy. On the back it had a circle with the #4.


One Response to “PARTY TIME – Thomas the Tank”

  1. shannon Says:

    Hello My son is turning one in a few weeks and I am having a birthday party Thomas The Train themed and absolutely love the hsirt how where did you do that? Umm any other ideas you had for kids would be great!

    Thank you

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