PARTY TIME – Super Mario Bros.


The Party Favor Box template is now available for purchase at www.princessandthepeas!

The Super Mario Bros. mushroom cupcake wraps are available for purchase HERE.

The Super Mario Bros. gift tags are available HERE.


My oldest son wanted a Super Mario Bros. party for his 6th birthday. There was absolutely NOTHING out there as far as party supplies, so I made everything – invitations (of course!), decorations, plates, favor bags, etc. It was a lot of work, but he loved it and still talks about it today, so definitely worth it!!

The Invite:

Can be purchased at

Other Super Mario Bros. invitation designs found at

Centerpieces – I made the mushroom topper and applied eyes to the stars:

Favor Boxes – I printed the design on to card stock and filled them with chocolate coins:

The template for the box can be purchased at Princess & The Peas!

To Order the Template for the Boxes CLICK HERE!

Party Hats – What’s a Super Mario party without Mario and Luigi hats? I just used red and green baseball hats purchased at a local craft store. I made the L and M emblems out of adhesive backed felt and stuck them on to the front of the hats. They turned out really cute, and the kids LOVED them!

Goody Bags – I bought some small, solid colored bags from Michael’s and made tags for them… simple, but cute!
You can also see a bit of the plates I made behind the bags. I attached a circle of Mario Bros. wrapping paper to a plastic red plate, and then glued a clear plastic plate on top.

Party Game – These are scratch-off cards (like lottery tickets). If you got a winning ticket, you got a prize.

Candy Bar Favors – I designed the wrappers for miniature Hershey’s candy bars.

The Cake – Used a Wilton character cake pan from the 1980’s that I found on ebay!
Ignore the fact that Mario looks like he is wearing lipstick. LOL πŸ˜‰

Mushroom Cupcakes – I designed the wrappers on the computer. The white dots are pieces of white chocolate.

You can purchase the template to print your own mushroom cupcake wrappers at Princess & The Peas.


218 Responses to “PARTY TIME – Super Mario Bros.”

  1. Tara Nicholls Says:

    My son wants a super mario party and same sort of thing, can’t find much. Where did you get the wrapping paper of super mario to put on the plates?


  2. brenda Says:

    i will have a party by novembre i know its to early but i like to prepare i have the same question as above and were did u get the covers for the candy,

  3. alici Says:

    Can you please send me the Invitation and the pictures that you used for the candies and plates and other ideas that you can give me. My son wants a Super Mario B-day party and you’re idea sounds so good. i will appreciate if you can do that for my son. My e-mail is

  4. Aimee Says:

    The invitations are for sale on my website: The candy wrappers were made by me, but I am not selling those at this time. The wrapping paper was purchased on ebay about a year ago. Thanks for all the questions. πŸ™‚

    • Jan Says:

      Hi. can you tell me where you got the template for the question mark boxes please? They are so cute! Thx!

      • Shanae Says:

        Hi I had the say question my son will be having a super Mario party the 22nd. where did that template for the boxes come from they are unique? Thnx!!!

  5. Rockinmom Says:

    You are so creative! I found some decorations and supplies (including candy wrappers) on and also on eBay. I want to know how you made the scratch-off game, though? That is a great idea and I have no idea how you did it!


  6. Annette Says:

    Please send me this. My son and I love your great ideas and think we can do it. Anything you can send would be graciously appreciated. Thank you from me and my son 9.

  7. Judy Says:

    Would you please tell me where I could get some mario wrapping paper? I have looked everywhere. Thanks so much.

  8. Annette Says:

    look on line for the wrapping paper. Try ebay.

  9. Erica Says:

    Can you tell me what font you used on this card? Thanks. Great job!

  10. ellie Says:

    how did you create the lottery ticket

  11. Rory Says:

    That’s amazing! I would LOVE a party like that, and I’m 22! I am stunned by the amount of effort you put in…I hope Collin and his friends had a fantastic time!



  13. Alexa Says:

    Hi, I loveeee your party,,,It’s so cute, My son’s 6th bday party od Mario is Dec 14, and I am tryign to make those question mark boxes but can’t. Is tehre any way you can sell me the template. i’d really appreciate it. I just need to figure out how I can do it, but I can try and ask soemone around here. I just really want to make those so bad for my baby. thanks, Great party…email em at

  14. Isabel Says:

    Would you please tell me how you made te lottery cards with the scratch off. That is a great idea. Thank you so much.

    My email is

  15. Patty Says:

    Can you send me the center image (with Mario, Luigi, Yoshi) that you used for your invitation cards?

  16. V Lee Says:

    Wow! U r amazing!!!!! Really talented! My son want to have a Mario party as well this month. So I better start working on it now! Thanks so much for the ideas!

    Do u mind telling me how to make those lottery cards as well?

    The above email address will do.

    Thanks so much!

  17. Tracy Says:

    Hi There,
    What awesome idea’s you have. You are so creative. My little guy loves Mario and he would be so excited if I could do this for him. I have one question, how did you make the scratch cards?

    Again Great Job!! πŸ™‚

  18. Kim Says:

    I just love what you did for the theme. My son wants his 8th birthday to be a Mario Bros. theme. You’ve given me some great ideas. Thank you for putting you ideas on the web. Wonderful job!

  19. vanessa Says:

    can you please tell where you got the scratch off tickets??? im planning my son’s b-day and they sound fun!!!!

  20. vanessa Says:

    and the coin boxes did you make them?? do you sell any of the items?>?

  21. maria Says:

    please let me know how did you make the cratch off tickets please let me know as soon as possible and you save my life because i do not have any game yet please…

  22. Natasha Says:

    Could you let me know how you made the scratch off-lottery like tickets?

  23. Jeanne Says:

    I too, would love to use the lottery scratch off tickets at my son’s party this month. I have all the games organized, but would love to use this idea as the kids come through the door. I can figure out how you designed it, but how did you get the silver scratch off part?
    A quick response would be so appreciated.
    Thank you and thank you for posting photos of how you decorated. That helps me in planning as well.

  24. monica Says:

    you are very talented. how were you able to make the scratch off game cards. please let me know. thanks,

  25. Natasha Says:

    I saw the scratch off sticker on ebay. It said all you have to do is place it over the image and all they have to do is scratch it off. Does any one have the template for the ? boxes? If so can you send it to me or wher you can find the template.

  26. Jeanne Says:

    I figured out how to make the scratch off tickets. Purchase plain business card stock paper, because they are perforated. Print whatever you would like on the cards from word or publisher on your computer. Purchase scratch off stickers from ebay(right now, there is free shipping and most come from CA) and stick to area desired.
    I found boxes at a local craft store in the wedding favors section. Usually craft stores have 40-50 percent off coupons in the paper. I applied yellow card stock paper to the sides of the boxes and drew a question mark on the front and top.
    Good luck.

  27. josie martinez Says:

    I would like to ask if you can help me with the mario invites like the ones you made please i have no clue were to start.

  28. Margo Sherrer Says:

    Hi! You did such a great job. Your son’s party was very cute and well done. Do you share or sell any of the things you made (coin boxes, invitations, images, lottery tickets, cake pan and any templates)? Thank you.

  29. Becky Says:

    Awesome job! Can you please tell me how you made the lottery tickets? Thanks

  30. Katy Says:

    Very creative ideas – love them….

    Can you tell me how you made the design for the favor boxes? I see that you used cardstock on plain gift boxes…but did you cut and glue a square for each side? If so, could you pass on the design?

    Many thanks!

  31. Grace DiSabatino Says:

    Could you please tell where I can order the name tags for the party bags and the covers for the candy?

  32. Grace DiSabatino Says:

    Could you please tell where you can get the name tags for the party bags and the covers for the candy?

  33. Connor Says:

    Can you please tell me where you bought the silver scratch off part I’ll will bout them if they are sticker. Please email me if you will sell them. Put Scratch off part in subject

  34. Laura Says:

    Hi! Can you please tell me how you did the name tags for the party favor bags? Everything looks so cute!

  35. janelle pilarski Says:

    do u share the invitation stlye and mini candy wrappers and name tags for the bags? if not how do i find them ? thank you

  36. Nuni Says:

    I was wondering if you could tell me the web site you got the favor boxes with the ? mark. I have been looking and i can’t find the site to print it out.

  37. Erica Says:

    Hello, I am planning a super mario brother birthday party for my son and I saw your website and I think your designs are really creative. Is there any way that you can explain to me how did you make the mushroom centerpieces or the fquestion mark boxes. Thanks I’d really appreciate it.

  38. Tricia Says:

    You did a great job on this party. I too am a mom who loves to throw creative parties. I linked to your blog from my party themes blog site.

    Great, no I mean FABULOUS job.

  39. Lisa Says:

    Awesome party!!! Yes, it is quite difficult to find Mario party supplies….I’ve found myself cranking out the creative side of me and utilizing all my craftiness. i was wondering about where you found the colorful wrapping paper? please email… son’s b-day party is coming up in two weeks and i really wanted this to be special for him. Love your ideas!! Thanks!!

  40. Traci Says:

    This is sooo cool. I have been trying to find stuff for my son’s party on March 29th, could you please tell me where you found the design for the question mark boxes. I would really love to make these.Thanks!!!!!!

  41. Michelle Says:

    Great party! I too am trying to make the question mark boxes for my sons party. You did a great job on yours. Do you have a template for the boxes that you could send me? Thanks!

  42. Zulai Says:

    Hi! WOW! Taat was an awesome party. I am 6 months pregnant and I am starting to plan my 6 yr old son’s party now because I am due at around the same date as his b-day in June 😐 I want to make sure he gets a party so he won’t feel left out or jealous with the arrival of the baby! I see everyone loves everything as I do! So, to piggy back on their requests I would also like to know about the scratch cards and the coin boxes (LOVE THEM!). Of course, if you don’t mind sharing any other things please feel free to bombard me with it all! Thanks! ~Zulai

  43. Leanne Wilkinson Says:

    Awesome Mario Party!! My son flipped when he saw your ideas. He’s turning 6 next month. Quick question: how do you make the scratch tickets? what do you put on the paper to scratch off? Any help would be great!

  44. tina blobaum Says:

    hi i was wondering about getting the boxes with the ? on them could you help me find these my son is having a mario and luigi party and would love the get these for his friends thanks tina

  45. vanessa Says:

    thank you so much for the great ideas, we used them for my son’s mario cart party last weekend. the scratch off tickets were used for the center pieces we had, the ? boxes were filled with chocolate coins, and the kids loved the caps!!!

  46. tina Says:

    hi if someone reads this im still trying to find out how u do the ? boxes please let me know my email address is thanks tina

  47. Mary Anguay Says:

    Can you share how you did the lottery tickets?

  48. Leanne Wilkinson Says:

    Thank you for posting the info about the scratch off stickers Jeanne!

  49. Shama Says:

    Hi My 2 sons are desperate for a mario party. (one will be 3 the other 8). In the UK we can’t seem to get anything. I’ve seen you web page and think your ideas are great. could you possibly tell me how you made the scratch cards as they will go down a treat. thankyou

  50. nicole Says:

    my son is having his 5th birthday, we are doing a mario party. i love the cupcakes you did could you please let me know how you did the paper on them? thank you

  51. Yesenia rendon Says:

    hi i love your ideas for the mario party where did u get the lottery tickets and the big coins and the boxes please help my son is turning 5 and he really wants a mario party i can’t find anything please help!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Yesenia rendon Says:

    Hi i love your ideas please let me know where u get the big coins and the wrappers for the candy and also the lottery tickets please help my son really wants a mario party

  53. Yesenia rendon Says:

    sorry also the wraps for the cupcakes

  54. Angi Says:

    Hi there!
    I’m next–finished my 1 year old’s Toy Story party (it was today!) and now I’m ready to think about my turning-7-year old who has Mario on the brain.
    Thanks for posting the ideas.
    I would appreciate anything you have to share!
    I do this stuff too and it’s so fun to see what other people come up with!
    Thanks again,

  55. Melissa Says:

    Hi my name is Melissa and I am trying to make a Mario party for my son who will be 4….I just wanted to know how you made the mushroom cupcakes (like the eyes) and the coin scratch offs….if you could please help me I would greatly appreciate it…i’ve been trying everywhere but yours are the best…please email me the information…thank you very much…

    melissa –

  56. angela Says:

    Can you please tell me how u made the scratcter game and the favor boxes and the pictures that you used for the candies and plates and other ideas that you can give me. My son wants a Super Mario B-day party and you’re ideas sounds sooooooo good. i have been looking for stuff for months and i would love it if u could help me out if u can cause i dont have alot of money so i have to try to make everything but want to give my son the best mario party ! i found plates and stuff online but its alot of money and u don’t get much! i showed my son the cupcakes he loved that idea! thank u very much for your help i will appreciate if you can do that for me and my son. My e-mail is
    from angela quinn

  57. Kristin Says:

    Great ideas. I have been doing a lot of research on ideas for Mario party games and decoration ideas. I have found A LOT that can be made for very little money. If any one has any more ideas I could sure use them. Thanks! Kristin

  58. Liza Says:

    Hey, nice tips. Perhaps I’ll buy a glass of beer to that person from that forum who told me to go to your site πŸ™‚

  59. Erika Says:

    I would like to know where did you purchase the scratch-off cards. thanks… Great job

  60. monica Says:

    hello to everyone, SCRATCH OFF CARD INFO.

    for all of those interested in doing the scratch off cards I found a very gret website they sell all types of scratch off stickers to do the cards. I bought them for my nephews 6th birthday that I also did of Mario Brothers. The stickers are very easy to use. See the web site for more ideas. They also have the stickers diffrent colors. They come as stickers but once you place them over the card they actually scratch off as the lottery tickets. I hope this helps everyone that is trying to make the best birthday.

  61. monica Says:

    sorry the actual web site is EASYSCRATCHOFFS.COM.

  62. jamie Says:

    I would like to know how you made the scratch off tickets and also how you made the boxes it looks like a great idea can’t wait to get started!

  63. Crystal Says:

    You really did a great job putting everything together. I’m glad they finally came out with Super Mario Party Supplies as my son is a huge fan.

  64. greta adams Says:

    Love your ideas. I was wondering where did you get the boxes or the template for them…

    i know that party was a huge success…we have a mario party in 2 weeks…nothing like waiting until the last minute, eh?

  65. kim Says:

    its totally awesome what you have made and done im totally amazed wish you were making these things for sale for the computer challenged people :}

  66. Christy Says:

    Hello – You are such a creative person – I love it!! How did you make the scratch out cards? I am throwing a Super Mario for my 6 year old at a trampoline place so I am very limited in the games I can do. This scratch out game will be an easy one to do while they’re having pizza!

    I also love the cupcake idea.


  67. Malissa Says:

    wow! you truly are amazing. I don’t have a creative bone in my body but thanks for your ideas. I just might have to experiment. My son’s b-day is this Nov. and he’s dying for a Yoshi party.

  68. vanessa Says:

    my son had a yoshi party in march malissa!!! it was a challenge finding yoshi items but it turned out great, the invitations we made looked like event tickets with yoshi on the racing bike…..

  69. Dinorah Says:

    Am interested in lottery games…..and the candy wrappers and the invitations….if you can let know how much that would come out to…and my sons birthday is august 22

  70. victoria Says:

    hi can you please let me know how you did the lottery tickets?? its such a great it!! email-

  71. jola Says:

    please send me this. I love your great ideas and think i wont to do it. Anything you can send would be graciously appreciated. Thank you from if you now a other site too please sent my my party is in december 25

  72. Carmela Says:

    Oh my gosh I love EVERYTHING.How did you make the lottery tickets? Also the ? boxes, where did you print them from? Our party is labor day weekend.Please let me know how you made it all happen.Thans again!!

  73. Ashley Says:

    Awesome job!!!! I love, love, love your whole party decor! Could you please tell me how you designed the Mario Mushroom Cupcake Wrappers or send me the template, please? I have tried looking all over the internet and I am usually good at piecing things together, but this one seems to be my Mount Everest:( Need your help to make my son’s 7th birthday perfect. Thanks in advance for your time and help!

  74. Lynn Says:

    My son wants a Mario birthday for his 7th birthday and I always make his invites but Mario seems to be a little harder then I thought. Then I found your website and I love all your ideas. If possible and you send me the template for the invite. The scratch tickets are great, if you are sharing that idea I would love that. I think I can make the candy bar wrapper but if you could send some other ideas would love that too.

    Thanks for great ideas.

  75. Karina Says:

    Thanks for the great ideas! My son’s turning 7 next week and we’re hosting a bowling party. I found Super Mario Brothers candies at the 99 cent store in individual packages. I’ll be making those Mario caps for the kids, which I’m sure will be a winner! You are very creative and I can’t wait to check out more ideas for other parties in the future!

  76. Elle Says:

    you are super creative! my lil bro loves Mario (he’s 11!)


    Congrats for your party
    I am going to do mario party too and I can’t find any mario gift wrapping please can you tell me…more….
    and what about the cubes (signs)
    thank you

  78. Grace-Ann Says:

    This is ABSOLUTELY CREATIVE. I am planning this party for my sons third in november and thank God now supplies all the essentials. I am sooooooo impressed with what I have seen that I need to take a few pointers when doing his party in november. GREAT JOB!!!!!

  79. Rosario Delgadillo Says:

    Hi!! I just love all that you did!!! My son wants a Mario birthday party and I would like to do everything that you created. Do you mind sharing all that you did, PLEASE!!!! You are so talented!!! Thanks in advance for your generosity!!

  80. Basia Says:

    Beautiful and creative ideas! Thank You! Please send me any templetes for the cupcakes, etc. I’d love any help in planning my son’s Mario party this Saturday.

  81. Sandi Says:

    I’ve been looking everywhere for a template for those question boxes! Are you willing to share the template for those or point me in the right direction? I’d really appreciate it.
    Your stuff is great!
    Thanks so much!

  82. Sandi Says:

    My email address is

  83. Perla Vasquez Says:

    I would love to know how you did the scratch offs? They are so original.

  84. Christina Says:

    I’m having a Mario party for my son Alfy who’s turning 10 on Nov.8th.
    Can you add his photo to the invitation and can I get prices.

    Christina C

  85. Miriam Says:

    Same question: how did you make the lotto tickets?

  86. xioneida Says:

    Hello everyone! My son’s 10th birthday is On November 3rd and he’s having a Mario Brothers party. I found al sorts of Mario Brothers stuff on line at Birthday Express. I admire the hand made stuff, wow! I don’t think I’m talented enough to pull that off!

  87. Bern Says:

    How did you do the lottery tickets, they are a great idea?

  88. yaara najera Says:

    i really liked your ideas i just wanted to know where you got the pictures for your scratch off ticketsand candies I’ve doing researchs and cant find any…..

  89. yaara najera Says:

    oh can u reply asap my 2 boys birthday is on november and they want a mario brothers party so Im working on it

  90. Jessica Elliott Says:

    Hi Aimee,
    My son is also turning six years old next month and loves are pretty crafty. Do you think there is any way you could e-mail me the cupcake wrapper you created?

    Thank you,
    Jessica Elliott

  91. Shirley Weng Says:

    Hi Aimee, My son’s birthday party is on November 13th the theme party is Mario Bros. I made so far everything but I really like the cupcake wrappers you create, I really appreciate if you can send me the idea to make them! As soon as you can because I’m from Costa Rica and I need to know that I can get all the materials here or otherwise I have to get them on line and the party is in two weeks, and also to where did you get the lottery tickets!

    Thank You,
    Shirley Weng

  92. Jennifer Says:

    Wow! You are so creative. I was wondering how you made the lottery tickets. My son is having a Mario Party on Nov. 21st and is turning 12. He loves Mario but I am trying to not make his party too “babyish”. Do you have any ideas for me? Any suggestions would be helpful!

    Thank You ,

  93. niddarah winters Says:

    Hi, u are very creative i was wondering where did u print the paper out for the question marks….if its not to much could u let me know, thank u

  94. charity Says:

    i just did a mario party for my 4 yr old on nov 4th. wow! i didnt realize how many other people had the joy of trying to find stuff like i did. i did find a personalized banner, plates, napkins, cups and a pull-string pinata on and I found a lady on ebay who made me a mario personalized rice paper design that i just laid on a plain white frosted cake from walmart. i did have trouble finding his gifts but with a little patience and alot of shopping, i was able to find a few good mario gifts. now for christmas. AHHH!!

  95. yisel Says:

    Hi! Please can u tell me the website for the boxes.

  96. Melanie Says:

    i would like to know where do i go to make the boxes please contact me a.s.a.p.

  97. Lorena Villa Says:

    Hello, I’m having a Super Mario Brothers party for my sons next month and I would love to make the coin boxes. Could you please tell me where they can be purchased or where I can get the template for them?I’ve looked verywhere and can’t find them. A couple of websites sell the tin yellow boxes but I really didn’t care for them. I’ve also tried to google the image but didn’t get a good one. Please help. I would greatly appreciate so will my Super Mario Brothers boys. Thanks a bunch, Lorena

  98. Elisha Drozdowicz Says:

    Cool share!Also I liked this blog’s layout.You will surely see me around your blog quite often as I like improving my knowledge.

  99. Kim Says:

    How did you make the Awesome Lottery Tickets for your Son’s Mario Party? I’d love to attempt that for my Son’s Birthday Party. Thanks so much. Kim

  100. Nelda Says:

    I would like to see a pic of your cupcakes? what webstie did you order the cupcake wrappers

  101. Sarai Says:

    hello, i just love your ideas but i was wondering how you made the cupcake wrappers. If you can email me the template or how you did it.

  102. carol Says:


    Do you sell the cupcake wrappers

  103. Vickie Mikles Says:

    Can you tell me how to make the candy bar wrappers. I about have everything ready for my son’s party but would love to have these. Can you help me out? thanks I would appreciate it. God Bless! πŸ™‚

  104. Amanda Says:

    Hi there! I know you have been overwelmed with questions… but I would just like to know what you sell and how much? You can email me at Thanks! πŸ˜€

  105. Nataly Says:

    I just wanted to know where you got the scratch and win? My nephew who is also named Jacob is having his 1st birthday done as super mario theme, and I think this is a great idea for the adults to get involved. i have seen some scratch and wins, but they don’t have the super mario design on the scratching part, please let me know! thanks much!

  106. Amber Says:

    Hello..I’m planning a Mario Party for my soon to be seven year old son. I was wondering if you can tell me how or what program you used to do the coin boxes and the cup cake bottoms?!? My son would LOVE your ideas and thanks for posting them on here so we can all see. Thanks again!!

  107. Hilda Says:

    Hello love your ideas. Please tell me how you did the card for the party favor bags. What did you put in the ? boxes. Also, thanks for the information on the scratch off sticker. It is awesome. My party is next week.

  108. Annelisse Says:

    Me gusta mucho esta Idea… Gracias Thanks

  109. dee Says:

    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee send me invite template desperately in need

  110. Sara Says:

    My daughter is turning five and wants an Super Mario brothers party.
    I love the cupcake wrappers and coin boxes. Would you being willing to share these?

  111. Jackie S. Says:

    WOW!! Is all I can say!! Way to go girl! I wish I had more time cause you totally inspired me!!! At the least my daughter and I are gonna try the cupcakes and I’m looking for blue coveralls and a red shirt…now I’m gonna have to get a red hat and felt too!!!! Thanks for the inspiration!! Don’t know about u but I think its kinda surreal that my son is obsessed with the same game I’ve played since I was 9!!

  112. patty Says:

    I wanted to know where did you buy the hats? and star centerpiece? Thanks for the ideas

  113. Diana Says:


    Loved the cupcakes you made !! can you tell me where you got the cupcake wrappers or where i can do to design them???


  114. Tonya Says:

    Where did you find the design for the favor boxes? I would like to make some also for my son’s 7th b-day party

  115. Sheila Harris Says:

    I sent an E mail earlier this month-I am hosting a Mario Party for my little grandson’s 6 B-Day-he lost his mommy to cancer 4 mos ago. We are wondering what you used on the bottom of the Toad Cupcakes. Need some help w/ that. I have managed to get the treat Bags ready for assembly,now to find someone to decorate the top of the cake.
    You are amazing-great ideas.

    Thanks & a quick reply is appreciated-the party is the 21st, so I have a week to figure out the cupcake-brown paper-


  116. Valarie Says:

    I love all your ideas!!! I’m having a super mario party for my son’s 5th bday in April. I’ve have been searching for decor everywhere and haven’t found much. If you have any other ideas can u email me and let me know.

  117. Lockie Says:

    Some of the links to your pictures arent working on my computer. Is there anyway you can email them to me? Im having my son a Mario party this Saturday and any ideas would be a tremendous help! Thanks

  118. Brendle Says:

    I normally read you blog via your rss feed but today I felt I had to comment on your post. I think this has to be one of your better posts. Silas

  119. co Says:

    can you please tell me how to find the print of the party favor box ( the question mark) thanks

  120. Hollie Says:

    Hi! Love all your Mario party ideas! Planning my 7 year old’s party and am doing the toad cupcakes, but I cannot get the wrappers with the eyes correct (have spent way too many hours on this!). If you could possibly send me the image via email, both my son and I would be super appreciative! Your site rocks!

  121. Traffic Ultimatum Says:

    I don’t really have much to say in response, I only wanted to comment to reply wonderful work.

  122. lupita mendiola Says:

    I loved everything. i just wanted to know the website for the boxes. if u can please email it to me.

  123. Cindy Says:

    I loved all your creative work…can you please tell me how you made the boxes and where I can find the print to do the cupcakes

  124. heather Says:

    Can I purchase some of these items from you??

  125. Bibiana Crespo Says:

    I’m planning a Mario Party for my son I really LOVED the boxes you made with the chocolate coins. How did you make the boxes? I would really like to have these on my tables as party favors. Tanks

  126. nilda Says:

    I really like to know how you made the scratch off tickets. I am willing to pay for the information. Or if you can make them for me, I’d gladly pay. Please let me know my email is

  127. Fix Ps3 Says:

    Hi, I like this post a lot, it echoes my own thoughts quite perfectly. I’m at work now, so I should get back to my projects, but I’ve saved the url and I’ll come back to read more of your posts.

  128. Alisha Says:

    I really love what u did here! Now, for the favor boxes, could you please email me the template for that? Did you just glue them on to the boxes? Very cool thanks a ton!

  129. Michele Says:


    Thanks for the great ideas. I too am planning a mario themed party and your website helped.

    On another note…i don’t know if you used your son’s actual name or not, but on the invitation you posted on this site you allowed the world to see his name, age, address & phone number. Just a warning from another mom…be careful!

    • Aimee Says:

      Thank you for your concern, but I can assure you I changed all the info before posting. All invitations have sample names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. I NEVER post anyone’s real information.

  130. Leah Says:

    i’m throwing my son a birthday party soon and i LOVE all your ideas. i was wondering if you have a template avaliable for the question mark boxes? that’s such a wonderful idea, i would have never thought of such a thing! you’re so smart!

    lolz, i also love your cupcakes, that’s just simply TOO adorable!

    please email me @ with the template if you have one^^

  131. Ana Santos Says:

    Hello, I love the idea of the Favor Boxes– can you give me more details on how to make it… my little boys B-day is May 15th…. What about the cupcakes, I would also like to know how to make them…. Your idear are great and very creatived…
    Thanks, Ana…..

  132. Amanda Says:

    Do you sell the question mark boxes? If not, do you have a template I could use or purchase from you?


  133. Vicki Poltl Says:

    How can I get the templates for the mushroom cupcake bottoms?

  134. Karen Coles Says:

    Hi, all of your bits looked fantastic and I don’t seem to be able to get anything over here in the Uk! Would you be able to e-mail over to me the template for the favor boxes and cupcake holders – it would really be appreciated as my son has decided he would really like a Mario party for his 5th birthday. Many thanks. Karen

  135. Lisa Says:

    Could I get the template for the qquestion mark boxes

  136. Shayla Cantrell Says:

    HI Aimee,

    I, like everyone else on here, am throwing a Mario party for my son. Can please send the info on the scratch off place mats, cup cake wraps, party favor tags, and the great gold ? mark boxes. I really need help!!! Can send the info. Or can purchase these from you????

    Thank you so much.

  137. Paula Contreras Says:

    My son loves Mario Bros and wants this to be his theme for his 7th birthday party. Please email all the info on how your party. Love the idea completely.


  138. jenn Says:

    hi i love this we are have a mario themed party in 2 weeks and would love the scratch cards and the ? mark boxes can u help?


  139. Vivian Says:

    Great ideas! if anyone has any other ideas for a Mario party please let me know. I would love the ? box template and cupcake wrapper image please. Can’t find much info

  140. Aimee Austin Says:

    Hi Aimee

    Wow is all I can think of to say. I am a full time working mum in Scotland who wants her son to experience just a fantastic day as your son did and still talking about it. If possible could you let me know how to do the scratch cards. Totally understand if not possible. Thanks anyway.

    Best wishes


  141. Alicia Says:

    I love the party ideas. You are definately talented and very creative. My son is wanting to have a Mario themed party and I have been searching for ideas. I would love to know how you made the question mark boxes and if you have a template for those. Please write me back! Thanks!!

  142. DANIELLE Says:


  143. Spencer Says:

    Where did you get the lottery ticket things & the Mario and Luigi stuffed toys.

  144. Danielle Hawkins Says:

    I am looking for a molding to make the cake, do you by chance know where I can get one?

  145. Jeannette Says:


  146. cynthia Says:

    Hi love your ideas im having a super bros bday party for my son in august and i was wondering how you did the scratch off tickets.

    Thank you,

  147. Amanda Says:

    I love the ideas you have for a super mario birthday party. I’m working on putting a party together right now. i just have a couple questions. Where did you find mario wrapping paper? Also, How did you make to strach off tickets. I love those. I appreicate your help. thanks a lot

  148. Michelle Says:

    Great party ideas!! My son is also having a Super Mario birthday party but it’s been very difficult finding decorations with Mario theme. I was wondering where you got the scratch tickets?

  149. Alison Says:

    Please tell me where you found the Mario gift wrap

  150. shanda brown Says:

    How can I get find the lottery tickets. That’s really cool

  151. Stephanie Says:

    What is the font that you use for the invitations?

  152. Evelyn Faz Says:

    Hi, my son will be having his 6th bday party and his theme will be super mario. i have been looking all over in the internet for party ideas.. I LOVED THE WAY U MADE THE CUPCAKES,THEY LOOK TERRIFIC.

  153. Brenda Says:

    Hi! Can you tell me where you bought the boxes for the “? box” favors? I already have the template, I just need to buy the boxes. Thanks for your help!!

    • Aimee Says:

      I actually made the boxes out of cardstock, I didn’t buy them. I printed the template on to card stock, then folded and assembled the boxes. πŸ™‚

  154. moe Says:

    I was wondering how did you make the lottery tickets. (the scratch and pics)

    • Aimee Says:

      I purchased silver scratch-off stickers on ebay! You just stick them right on to the cards – super easy! I bought them a couple of years ago, but I’m sure there is still someone selling them on ebay.

  155. Dawn Says:

    Wonderful ideas! I was wondering what you put in the goodie bags? I need ideas!

    • Aimee Says:

      I’m afraid I wasn’t very creative with the goodie bags, lol. I just put the miniature candy bars (wrapped in the mario bros. wrappers) and Mario pex dispensers I found on ebay. I also gave the coin boxes filled with chocolate cold coins, Mario & Luigi hats, the scratch-off tickets (winners won a stuffed Mario or Luigi, non-winners got stickers). Good luck with your party!

  156. eva enns Says:


  157. Kristin Says:

    how did you make the name tags for the goody bags? I have been searching for clip art and can’t find anything.


  158. Geneva Says:

    I love all your ideas. Could you please share any of them with me or let me know how I can get them. I love the scratch off game, the candy wrappers, plates were a fantastic idea. Anything you could share would be greatly appreciated. My grandson is turning 5 and loves Mario

  159. Rachel M. Says:

    I noticed someone asked for the template for the mushroom cupcakes eyes…I too would love that if you are sharing. πŸ™‚ Thank you so much!

  160. Dawn Says:

    I really love your ideas! Would you be able to email me the template you used for the mushroom cupcakes – the eyes and the question mark boxes? I would really appreciate it! Thank you so much!

  161. Paula Says:

    Hi just like to say that i really love your creativity my son is turning 5 and wants a mario party and i was stuck until i found your page. THANK YOU for sharing it w all of us. how can i make the scratch card? thank you again πŸ™‚

    • Aimee Says:

      Hi Paula, Thanks so much! I ordered the scratch-off circles from ebay. That was a couple of years ago, but I’m sure you can still find them!

  162. Nanci Says:

    Hi, your ideas are AWESOME! You are very talented!!! Would you be able to email me the template you used for the mushroom cupcakes and the question mark for the boxes! Thank you so much for the great ideas πŸ™‚

  163. Anne Marden Says:

    Hi Thank you for posting your great ideas! Fantastic job! Is there anyway, I could purchase the template from you for the toad (mushroom) cupcakes? You did a great job. Thanks!

  164. Cheryl Gazo Says:

    Here is a website that shows you how to make scratch off tickets.

  165. renae Says:

    Where can i purchase the Mario and Luigi scratch off tickets?

  166. Lisa Says:

    Wow u r one awesome Mom your son is very lucky u r so creative.

  167. Jennifer Says:

    Hi, Just seeing if you can give me any ideas for a mario party?

  168. Sara Says:

    My sons nickname is yoshi so ima do mario bro theme this yr. So thnx a lot

  169. Neci Says:

    WOW, excellent ideas. I am planning a party at the end of October and I can’t wait to get started.

  170. monique Says:

    I love How u did the party lottery cards I would love to do it for my baby

  171. Alma Says:

    Hello your ideas are amazing can you please let me know how you did the lottery tickets thank you

  172. Super Mario Party Says:

    Thanks for such a great post on your Super Mario Party! I bet your son absolutely loved it, I know I would have. πŸ™‚

    I will definitely consider adding a few of your ideas to my site (with credit to you of course).

  173. Molly Says:

    Can u please make me some mario brother scratch off tickets like asap. i really dont know where to start.

  174. Selena Says:

    where do I get the lottery tickets

  175. Joanne Says:

    We are having a Mario party next weekend for my son. I love all of your great ideas! Could you email me to let me know how you made or where you got the scratch tickets? Thanks so much!

  176. Kendra Says:

    Such a cute party! Thanks for sharing your ideas. I have some more Mario party ideas on my blog:

  177. lena Says:

    hi can u let me know where u got the lottery cards pls fab idea

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