So, who are you anyway?

Hey there! I’m Aimee, a busy working mom of two fabulous boys who were my inspiration to start designing invitations. I have always had a passion for paper – and for parties! (Who doesn’t love a great party??) Put the two together, and you have a heck of a good time! Personalized stationery has always been my thing, and after becoming a mom, I fell in love with unique invitations and photo cards. My inner party planner come busting out, and I’ve been having the time of my life ever since!

But there are only so many soirees you can plan with just two kiddos, so I had to look for someone else’s kids to plan for – that’s where you come in! I began designing fun party invitations for others and decided to start myself a little business! Like children, the little business kept growing and growing, and soon I realized how many other totally awesome invitations, stationery, and personalized gifts were being designed by other fabulous moms like me! I decided to really go for it and opened up a stationery and gift boutique, offering not only my designs, but designs of many other amazing moms too.

Princess & The Peas evolved from my desire to inspire other moms to celebrate all of life’s moments! Birthdays, holidays, graduations, Tuesdays – it doesn’t matter, there’s always a reason to celebrate and eat a piece of cake or two!
Life is precious, and the people in it deserve to be cherished and celebrated!!

12 Responses to “So, who are you anyway?”

  1. bibomedia Says:

    Have a nice day !

  2. Eva Says:

    Hi, I am having a birthday party on June 7, for my two girls. One is 8 and the other will be 14. I am interested in your Hannah Montana invitations for my younger one, but do you have invitations in a zebra print for the 14 year old? Thanks

  3. betsy Says:

    Hello, I am having a birthday party for my 5 year old on the 28th of June and I was wondering how can I purchase the wrapping paper, and how exactly did you make that mushroom topper? I would greatly appreciate your respone.


  4. Aimee Says:

    I bought the wrapping paper on Ebay. The mushroom topper – I printed the mushroom (double-sided) at home. I bought the star centerpiece from the local party store, added stick-on googly eyes to the stars, and attached the mushroom to the top.

  5. sassy Says:

    I wanted to know where did you get the super mario bros scratch off tickets I think they are really cool. I would also like to know about the mario thank you cardsyo have on the gift bags.

  6. Jennifer Says:

    I would like to order invitations for my son’s sixth birthday on Dec. 4th. How can I order these? Please email me. Thanks!

  7. Sheree Says:

    I am interested in the Lego Star Wars invitations for my son who is turning 8 in April. Do you also have Thank you cards in the same design? Please e-mail me. Thanks

  8. Janet Says:

    Thanks for all your great ideas!!!I How are the Mario scratch offs made?

  9. Karen (Malaysia) Says:

    Hi Aimee,

    I love your ‘crafty style’…why buy when you can make, right! I am an avid crafter from Malaysia – my friends are slowly recognising my little ‘talent’ esp when come to theme party planning. I’ve been getting friends to organiser parties for their children and my current project is Star Wars Party for 7th year old Mathew. Back home, it is very difficult to get any Star Wars related party items, so am making everything from scratch (i.e. Jedi robe, light saber, Darth Vader pinata, R2D2 cookies, etc). Your blog on Lego Star Wars has been inspiring for me – I just want to say, Kudos! Hopefully one day we could exchange ideas…

  10. Paige Gill Says:


    We are having a Mario Bros. party for my son and a friend of his. Love the “?” boxes. Could I get information on ordering them or making them myself? Also, where does one purchase gold chocolate coins?


  11. maricella Says:

    hi aimee,

    my oldest son will be turning 6 in july and wants the star wars lego theme. i really like all your ideas and just hope i had the time to do it but with a 3 year old and 3 month old my hands are alittle busy right know. i was wondering if you make the centerpieces and the cake stand to sell. i am very interested. you can email me your response.

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