PARTY TIME – High School Musical

These invitations have been a huge hit with the tween scene!  They are printed on front and back, laminated, and have a lanyard attached so they can be worn as “backstage” passes:





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5 Responses to “PARTY TIME – High School Musical”

  1. Lorraine Brown Says:

    I am interested in ordering the HSM VIP Pass Birthday Party Invitations. I need about 30. How much are they? How long do they take to get? I need them in May. Please respond. Thank you.

  2. sammie kennedy Says:

    I am interested in the camp rock invites and would need them by end of next week, February 13. Is that possible. I could e-mail information today.
    Thank you.

  3. James Bower Says:

    Great blog, reading it through RSS feed as well

  4. James Bower Says:

    Im having some issues reading this blog through RSS in the past day, any reason why?

  5. Erin Barta Says:

    I was wondering how much the VIP invitations are and how long it will take to get in ?

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