PARTY TIME – Pirate Adventure

This year we did a Pirate theme.  Since my son was only turning 5, I didn’t want to go the traditional “mean and ugly” pirate route, so we did a kid-friendlier version. 😉

The Invite:

The Cake:

The Centerpieces – I found some “treasure chests” at Ross and filled them with jewels, chocolate coins, etc.  Also thrown in there were some Hershey’s miniatures that I made cute little wrappers for.

Fruit Ship – We tried to make a pirate ship out of a watermelon… not quite what I had envisioned, but oh well, it worked!

Goody Boxes – I made treasure chests out of craft boxes I found at Michael’s.  I painted them brown and added the black straps and gold sticker “locks.”  During the party, the kids decorated their boxes with glitter paint and stickers.  We then took the boxes and hid them and gave the kids a treasure map to find them!  At the end of the hunt, they found their boxes filled with treasure (candy, jewels, small toys).


2 Responses to “PARTY TIME – Pirate Adventure”

  1. ange b. Says:

    do u know where i can buy table clothes that are like treasure maps?

  2. Katie L. Says:

    Did you make the invitations or did you order them? I love them and think they would fit perfectly for my 3 year old!

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