PARTY TIME – Lego Star Wars

This year my oldest wanted a Lego Star Wars party – couldn’t be just Star Wars, it HAD to be LEGO Star Wars.  So once again we have a party theme with no commercially made party supplies.  Here’s what I came up with:

We went with this invitation design:

Invitations can be purchased from PRINCESS & THE PEAS.


I made these plates by designing the background on the computer, printing it out and gluing them to blue and yellow disposable plastic plates.  I then took clear disposable plastic plates and glued them on top (I just glued around the edges).  A bit time consuming but very easy to do!

Templates for the plates can be purchased at PRINCESS & THE PEAS.


I designed these on the computer, printed out and used a metallic table party decoration I bought from the party store to put in the middle.  VERY basic and simple.

You can purchase the template for the centerpiece at PRINCESS & THE PEAS!


Since we had the party at a park, I didn’t want to mess with having to cut and serve cake.  I made two flavors of cupcakes (chocolate with cookies & cream filling and vanilla with white chocolate mousse filling) and topped them with Star Wars rings I found on ebay.  (They are discontinued and a bit difficult to find, but if you consistently search every few days, you’ll find some.)  I didn’t have enough rings for all the cupcakes so I topped the rest with Lego candy (similar to Sweet Tarts but shaped like Legos – and yes, you can actually build with them!)  I also made some cupcake wrappers to kind of tie in the theme.  The cupcake stand was made by me following the instructions found here.

The template for the cupcake wraps can be purchased at PRINCESS & THE PEAS!

*** After many requests for Lego Star Wars Cupcake Toppers, I designed these, and the template can be purchased at PRINCESS & THE PEAS


These lightsabers were THE hit of the whole party.  If you’re planning a Star Wars party, you MUST make these!!

I cut foam pool noodles in half and used black and SHINY silver (not the muted gray) duct tape to make the handles.  That’s it!  Easy Peasy!  They did take awhile to make, but that was mostly because I had quite a few to make, and I’m a bit of a perfectionist.  I can not even begin to tell you how much fun the kids had with these things!  A couple of weeks later, and I’m STILL getting comments from kids and parents about them.


The original plan was to make the pinata from scratch using good ol’ paper mache.  However, I am always looking for an easier way to do things and had a lightbulb moment when I was the party store buying candy for said pinata.  I noticed a bunch of Halloween pinatas, one of which was a disgusting eyeball, and thought – PERFECT!  I bought the disgusting eyeball pinata for ten bucks, took it home, and turned it into the Death Star.  I removed all the paper fringey stuff and the gross eyeball sticker so I was left with basically just the shell of the pinata.  My husband painted it gray and after it dried, he painted all the lines and details.  He then transformed a standard pinata stick into a lightsaber by wrapping it with blue duct tape for the blade and black duct tape for the handle.  Again, VERY EASY!


Well, you know what they say about best laid plans and all of that… LOL.  I had some great games planned, but we only got around to doing two because the kids were just having so much fun running around with their lightsabers.  But, here are some game ideas for those of you who are still planning and looking for ideas:

Lightsaber Training – have the kids use their lightsabers to try and keep balloons in the air (this is harder than it looks and a lot of fun).

Astroid Hunt – wrap candy or small toys in foil and hide.  Have the kids go “hunting” for them.

Free Hans Solo – freeze two Hans Solo action figures (or Lego mini-figs!) in ice.  Divide the kids into two teams and have them take turns filling a cup or bucket with water and dumping it on Hans Solo.  The first team to melt the ice and “free” Hans Solo, wins!

Destroy the Death Star – draw the Death Star on the driveway or patio with chalk and have the kids bomb it with water balloons until it is “destroyed” (disappears).  OR — make a Death Star pinata and have the kids whack it until it explodes!


We handed these out at the end of the party.  The kids LOVED them!
You can order them from PRINCESS & THE PEAS


167 Responses to “PARTY TIME – Lego Star Wars”

  1. Sonya Says:

    I Love your Lego Party Ideas & need some invitations & plate stickers.
    Please email me & let me know how I can order them Thanks

  2. Aimee Says:

    If you click on the invitation, it will take you to my website for ordering. I don’t sell the plates. I made those for my son’s party and gave simple instructions on how to make them above. Thanks 🙂

  3. Marcela Says:

    Love it!! My son is about to turn 6 and he came up with the same idea LEGO Star Wars (sure, you don’t want something even more difficult to find?)
    Anyway, thank you for your ideas. How did you make the Jedi Certificates?


  4. Rachel Says:

    This is great because my son who is turning 8 also wants a Lego Star Wars party and of course there is no party supplies available. We both LOVE the invitations and everthing else that you created. Infact I think I will probably order the invitations soon!! How did you make the wrappers to go around the cupcakes? Also, how did you make the centerpieces? Where did you get your graphics? Do you sell those as well? What did you do for other tablewear, etc.? Also, any idea on where to find the noodles at this time of year…his b-day is at the beginning of March? I love planning parties and you look like you did a great job with this one!! Thanks for your help and advice!!!!

  5. Marcela Says:


    I just found out today that Target is selling LEGO Star Wars t-shirts.
    What are the chances, right?

    Just in case!
    Good luck with your party. Ours is this coming sat.

  6. Lucy Says:

    Oh my God!!! I loved everything you did, and well my son also wants a “Lego Star Wars” party, not just Star Wars so I’d better get to work on invitations and plates… thanks a lot for publishing all the above.

  7. Martha Says:

    Love your ideas! I knew there was something out there…


  8. Leslie Says:

    I am interested in how you did the certificate. I am looking for some raw materials (font and clipart and stuff) to fabricate some certificates to become Hershey Bar wrappers. If you could let me know how you made it, I would really appreciate it. I have the party in about 10 days and need to get cracking. Thanks so much!

  9. Sam Says:

    Could you e-mail me your certificate I’d really love to use it for my son’s birthday? I might attempt the plates…everything looks great! And I am for sure ordering those invites!

  10. Liz Says:

    Is there any way you could send me a template of the certificates?I have searched for 3 days for something halfway decent and cannot find anything!Thanks

  11. erica Says:

    Love all your ideas. My son is turning 6 in May, and i’m relieved to find your web site!! Do you have a template for the centerpieces?

  12. Ashley Says:

    Can you send me a template for the certificate. Will pay you if i need to. Thank you!

  13. stephanie Says:

    thank you so much for posting your ideas. my son is so excited for his 6th bday. he was very specific in asking for a LEGO star wars bday party. there’s nothing out there in terms of party supplies. i’m using your plate idea (FABULOUS!) and i’m printing lego star wars labels and sticking them on solid colored birthday hats. for his invitation i took an image of anikan lego and cut out the face part and put my son’s face. thanks for your awesome ideas!!

  14. Edie Chow Says:

    I have been looking for lego Star Wars graphics/clip art. Where did you get the graphics to make all of your items? (invitation, table topper, etc.) I am on a tight budget and am trying to make as many things as I can on my own. Thank you.

  15. Jessica Says:

    Hi, Love your creative ideas! I am doing a similar party and wanted to know if I could get a copy of the certificate. I looked for it on your invite site but to no avail. I have 18 kiddos to “certify”. It’s really nicely done. Thanks!

  16. Jamie Says:

    Is it possible for you to email me the clip art/jpg images you used for the plates and jedi certificate? I can do them myself but have no idea where to find high quality images.

    If you can’t I understand, please let me know.

    You are a life saver with all your ideas. My son said he wanted a lego star wars party at home and I wasn’t sure that was going to work – now we know it will!!

  17. Lianne Says:

    Loved your ideas. I too have been looking fo a template for the training certificate and haven’t come up with anything and my son’t party is next weekend. You are very creative!! I would like to request the template from you. Will also pay you. Thank you Lianne

  18. Michele Says:

    Love the certificate. Can I get the template for the certificate as well? We are having our party the end of this month. We are having 25 kids!
    Thank you,

  19. Amanda Says:

    these are great ideas! thanks!!

  20. Debi Delph Says:

    LOVED all you ideas. I would love to get the template for the certificate. I am having a party in 6 days and am trying to design a certificate but yours is awesome! Could you PLEASE send a template of the certificate? I looked on eBay hoping you were selling them on there. Please let me know ASAP as I am running out of time. Thanks so much and thanks for sharing your awesome ideas.


  21. Mark Says:

    Fantastic! My 6 year old has been on about a Lego Star Wars party for ages. Would be very grateful for the high res images as despite searching I havent been able to find anything.

    Thanks in advance


  22. karla Says:

    I love your website and everything that you have to offer. Very chic and great ideas!!!

    I’m having a Lego Birthday party for my soon to be six year old son. Are your certificates available for purchase or is the template purchasable?

  23. shae Says:

    I, too, am blown away by your creativity! I am having a party for my son in a couple of weeks and would LOVE to get some of those certificates. I didn’t find them on your website for the invite, could I order some of those from you?
    thanks again for your ideas!

  24. Elissa Darnell Says:


    Thank you for sharing your Lego Star Wars Party ideas! They are great! I’d love to use your Jedi Training Certificate. Can you let me know how I can purchase the template from you or order 10 of them?


  25. Jennifer D. Says:

    WOW!! You did such an awesome job!! I wish I would have came across your sight before I ordered all the star wars bday supplies! I could have made the star wars lego party I originally wanted to! Ah well..
    I will be using your lightsaber idea and cupcake stand as I am also making my own cupcakes! You rock!

  26. Mona Says:

    Hi… great stuff! where did you find your images/clipart? I can’t find anything!

  27. Erica Says:

    My son’s 5th birthdat is in less than 3 weeks and I am ordering the invites but I was wondering how to do the cupcake wrappers. I am not very computer friendly. I am desperate. Also how do I get the certificates as well? I would appreciate any feedback.

  28. Jennifer Says:

    Your ideas are phenomenal! My son is turning 6 at the end of July and we’re been looking for Lego Star Wars supplies for a birthday party. I would love to use your plate idea because it seems so easy that even my husband can help with it. How did you find those hi-res pictures? Can you e-mail me them? The cupcake stand is adorable and I’m probably going to do that one as well. This website really helped out with ideas for the party. Thank you so much for sharing. I hope to hear from you soon.

  29. Pauline L Says:

    I Love all your ideas this was great! I was looking for something. My son is going to be seven and he also wanted Lego Star Wars and I found your website. Can you tell where you got the clipart for the plates and how you made the centerpiece.

  30. ruth perez Says:

    Hi Aimee,

    You are a great Party Coordinator!!. Love all the ideas.

    Can I get the template for the certificate as well? We are having our party the end of this month. We are having 40 kids!

    Thank you,

  31. Tricia J. Says:

    Hi, Aimee. I am amazed at your designs — you are very talented! My six-year old son has requested a Lego Star Wars birthday as well, and it’s scheduled for September 6, 2009. Could you let me know how I could obtain the template for the Jedi training certificate? I’m happy to purchase it from you.


  32. Molly Says:

    Hi there,
    I am having a Star Wars party in a couple of weeks. I was wanting to know get the cupcake wrappers, centerpiece, and plate image. Is there a way to do that? Thanks for your help.

  33. Tasha Says:

    Love your ideas!!!
    Where did you get the graphics for your plates, etc…

  34. Amy Powell Says:

    My son also wants a Lego Star Wars party-he is turning 5 in October. I have the same question as others before regarding the cupcakes and plates-where can I find the pictures to download and print? Do you sell those also and if so, how much? We are doing invitations off Evite…Thank you for your help and creativity!!

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  36. Susan Robinson Says:

    Love your ideas. The light saber idea is fabulous. Also, great idea on the plates, too! Just so everyone knows I found an edible cake topper that comes in Lego Star Wars. It is at I just ordered one for my sons 6th birthday. Having a Lego Star Wars party isn’t as hard as I thought.

  37. Joyce Faw Says:

    I’m so glad I found your post and I love your ideas. I’ve already created the Lego Star Wars invites for my grandson’s 8th birthday on Oct. 3rd, as of last week. I am interested in any party game ideas and, of course, I would be grateful to have you email me the Jedi Training Certificate too. With the Sabers, did you put a glow stick in the end of the Saber to make it glow? I guess I’m not clear how you created the handle and since the party is this upcoming weekend, we are in a time crunch so if you could email me with that info it would help make his kids party a hit too. Thank you.

  38. Libits Davis Says:

    Love your creations. How did you make the invitation and certificate? Could you email me them to where I could change them to use for my son’s 6th birthday? What is is about Lego Star Wars? Even I am into collecting them for him. Brand new book out by DK celebrating the 10th year of Lego Star Wars. My boy won’t put it down.

  39. Metrice Rochowicz Says:

    Hi, I was thrilled to run across your creations for the Lego Star Wars party as my soon-to-be 5 year old wants one too. Was the certificate availble for purchase or a template for reproducing it? I would appreciate info on it. Thanks. Great job!

  40. Balancing Everything » And he’s eight Says:

    […] Swim Noodle Light Saber Favors – I wish I’d found this idea earlier, what fun those noodle sabers look! […]

  41. lauren Says:

    Could you please email me and tell me how to make the certificates? My son’s party is this weekend. I looked to see if there was any place to order a photo image that I could download and use…no luck.
    Thanks so much!

  42. stephanie Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your ideas and invitation cards!!

    I had no idea there would be a website with all these details. Like yourself I love playing with designs on the computer and making posters, cards for any events and especially my kids bdays. I also love planning events too and creative games . Was great to see some of these ideas for this theme as I have no clue about Star Wars never watched it. My son just plays with the lego figures and makes up his own movie! We are planning to make our own version of Laser Tag… going to make a maze in our basement with bedsheets and boxes. Turn off the lights and have everyone use a flight light to get around the maze. They have to collect as many asteroid rocks (using your ideas above) in the maze.

    I really love your Death Star Pinata and the homemade light saber! The kids and I are going to be busy this holiday preparing for the mid Jan birthday.

    Thanks again for the ideas and sharing them!!

  43. Hiram Kaawa Says:

    Nice!, discovered your post on Bing.Happy I finally tried it out. Not sure if its my Explorer browser,but sometimes when I visit your site, the fonts are really small? Anyway, love your site and will return.See Ya

  44. birdiejames Says:

    THANK YOU! You have no idea how you’ve helped!

  45. birdiejames Says:

    PS – How did you make the cupcake rings?

  46. Debbie Says:

    aimee – Oh my god what a cute idea that u had for your son – I love it all – I think i can do the Plates – its just how do i design the picture if i dont have the orginal format- (sample) ??? and i also get the centerpiece as well ? i just dont have anything do go on ? I would greatly appreciate it if i could have these so i could make these for my Son’s 5th B-day party for June – Thanks – Deb

  47. Liliana Says:

    Aimee, I am doing a Lego Star Wars party for my soon to be 7 year old. I love the plates that made using computer images. I know you don’t sell the plates on your website, but it is possible for you to email the images that you used for both plates? I would really appreciate it and thanks for the great idea.

  48. Jessica Says:

    Hi Aimee you are so creative! I’ve been searching the web for hours trying to find Lego Star wars birthday supplies for my son’s 6th birthday and came upon yours. Is it possible to send me a sample of the images you used for the plates and the centerpieces? Thanks for all your great ideas:) Jessica

  49. Diane Says:

    It’s very difficult to find lego party supplies, and I’m so happy with the creative ideas you have!! Can we order the items above from you? I need them for my son’s 6th b-day party! Thank you-Diane

  50. Chanique Says:

    Hi! Absolutely loved your creative ideas. By any chance, can you tell me how to find the images used for plates. That was such a great idea!

  51. Chanique Says:

    Thanks again for the creativity!

  52. Mandy Says:

    I know that you have gotten a lot of requests but like everyone else I love your designs, and this is exactly what my soon to be 7 year old wants. Could you be so kind as to send me the designs as well? I would really appreciate it.

  53. gina conner Says:

    Amazing job Aimee! This will be our 2nd party in a row with a star wars theme for our son Luke who is turning five! I noticed many people requesting your images for the plates and centerpieces and if you send the templates out, I would love to also request them. My head is spinning from Lego Star Wars on the brain! Anything you have would be sooooo appreciated! Have a good day!

  54. Nicole L. Says:

    Love it all!! My son had a Lego Indiana Jones party in September, and it was almost impossible to find anything! Now he wants a Lego Star Wars party, and your ideas are so great — I’m almost giddy with excitement for him! Would love the template(s) or order info. if you are making them and would definitely be willing to purchase! You have hit a niche that sorely needs filling! Thanks again!

  55. Michelle Says:

    Wow! I have scoured the internet trying to find anything for a boys lego star wars theme! I love your templates and would be so grateful if you were willing to share. Thanks a bunch and thanks for sharing your great ideas. I love the light sabers – those are a must!!


  56. mitch Says:

    I’m trying to find the one you have for cake toppers but I can’t find what you have.

  57. Liliana Says:

    Thanks!!!! love your idea I’ve been driving crazy triying to find supplies. Can you share the templates for the plates and certificate? another question, where did you get the clear plates? thanks again for sharing your party over the internet.

  58. Christine Says:

    I am trying to glue two plastic plates together, but have had no luck as far as glue is concerned. What type of glue did you use for gluing your clear plastic plate over the colored plate. Please help I need to get this done ASAP.

  59. Monica Says:

    I would love to buy your clip art for the plates from you – is that available. I’m ok with doing doing photoshop, but haven’t been able to create something as nice as what you have. Let me know – THANKS! You’re very creative – an inspiration!!!

  60. Beth Says:

    I have been searching everywhere for graphics to make the plates and centerpieces. Can you please direct me? You shared such wonderful ideas. Also, are the Jedi certificates personalized for each child? Thank You so much!

  61. Tracey Says:

    Hi – please share your training certificate template with me for my son’s 5th birthday party next week? Thank you so much!

  62. Mandi Says:

    Amazing!Where did you find the graphics, is there anyway you could email them to me?

  63. Jolene Says:

    Oh wow! My son is requesting the same birthday party in about 6 weeks and I HATE when you can’t find anything at the party stores (too many birthday parties this way!) THANK YOU for the ideas! Awesome!!!!

  64. Jill Says:

    Are the plate images, cupcake wrappers and centerpiece available for purchase? If so, please let me know how you go about getting them. Cute ideas!!

  65. Jennifer Says:

    Wow that was a lot of work and I loved it. So you should start making these and selling them. I would buy them!

  66. Linda Denison Says:

    Just ran across your ideas for the Lego Star Wars Birthday. Would you please send me all the information on everything that you posted. My grandson is wanting this for his 7th birthday on June 11. Thanks so much for your help

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  68. Alma Blakemore Says:

    I want to know how I can get the cupcake labels to put around the cupcakes and how much they are??? Also the plate labels too!!

  69. carmelinda garcia Says:

    I thought that I was the only mom in the world who’s son wanted a lego. starwars party thank you so much for your site it has help me so much with the invits and the cup cakes but can you let me know how you got the cup cakes rings.

  70. tracy starliper Says:

    love the ideas! can you PLEASE email me the invitation info?

  71. Karen Says:

    THANK YOU!!! You’re a life saver! My son is turning 8 this month and I am in the same predicament of not being able to find Star Wars LEGO party stuff. And yes, regular Star Wars won’t do. I’ve asked several times and I guess it’s just not the same. Thanks again. You’ve given me a great place to start!

  72. Amy H. Says:

    Aimee, I wish I were you or you were my mom! What a great mom!! Are the plate images, cupcake wrappers and centerpiece available for purchase?

  73. Armida Says:

    I am half way done with the lightsabers. They are easy but they do take time. I am making 24 lightsaber. My son invited his whole class to his 7th bday party. I also went online to look up free printable lego starwars images. What I did is copy and paste unto a word document. That is how I made his party invitations. Thank you Aimee Austin you have saved my son’s lego starwars party. You are awesome!

  74. Katie Says:

    Aimee, I would like to know how you made the cupcake wrappers or purchase them. Great creativity! Please let me know

  75. Meghan Monahan Says:

    Aimee, You have great ideas. Could you please send me the images you used. I would like to make the training certificate also. Thanks for sharing.

  76. Christina Says:

    Hi Aimee, I’m another mom who is grateful for your ideas and wants the training certificate template and more info on the cupcake wrappers. (And as we live overseas in Singapore it’s hard to get some things). Thanks for this!

  77. Monica Says:

    Hi Aimee,
    Thanks for all your creative ideas. I have read that you do not sell the star wars plates or centerpieces. I was wondering if you would share the images so that I can make my own or direct me to where you found such great star wars lego pics. I appreciate your time. Monica

  78. Debbie Says:


    These ideas are great ! Would love to use them for my son’s upcoming birthday. Could you please e mail me the plate images and the cupcake images or send me the link where you found them. Thank you very much. I see by the overwhelming response that you may be busy but thank you for your time. Debbie

  79. Liz Hudson Says:

    I am intrested in getting some Star wars lego birthday products from you if you are still making them. I am intrested in the invatations,plates and cupcake holders. Thank you so much. You have great ideas.

  80. Wen Says:

    Hi, I love your ideas and thanks for sharing. How did u do the certificates? My son is having his 9/11. Waiting for your answer.

  81. Wen Says:

    Please show me how to make/do the certificates. Thanks:)

  82. Heather Says:

    Amazing ideas! I too would like to know where to get graphics for plates and cupcake holders..thanks!

  83. Dianne Gallant Says:

    Hi! I loved all of your ideas. Do you sell any of these Lego Star Wars invitations? My son is going to be 8 at the end of Oct so I am planning a Lego party for him. If you do not sell these items would you mind sharing the template for the invitations, plates, cupcake holders and Jedi certificate. Thanks sooo much for your help in this matter and your ideas are awesome!!!

  84. Chris Steele Says:

    Can you email me the images you use for the plates.

  85. Rosie Pla Says:

    Hi Aimee. Amazing Party ideas. Can you email me the template for the certificates and cupcake rings? I am DESPERATE at this oint since my son’s bday is Wednesday the 22nd of Sept!!!!!!

  86. Stacey Says:

    Hi Aimee, just found your site. I love what you did with this. I linked it on my blog:

    Sooo cute!!

  87. Staci King Says:

    My son’s birthday party is this weekend. I am so bummed I didn’t see this earlier. I am going to try and make the plates and centerpiece. I see that tons of people have asked you for your clip art/templates, computer images on here. Are you giving those out? Can you please please email them to me?? You are so creative. I love it. Thanks for sharing. Please let me know if you can.

  88. Aimee Says:

    So many people are asking about the images/templates for the plates…… I try to email everyone back, but thought I’d post here too in case I miss anyone, and for future readers to see…… I made the plates for my son’s party a couple of years ago. Unfortunately I no longer have the images or the templates for the plates. I could kick myself for not saving them!!

    Invitations and Training Certificates can be ordered at

    Have a great day!!!

  89. Brenda Says:

    My sons BD is next month, so glad I found your blog

  90. Kim Truss Says:

    I love the star wars background plates do you have the template I could use?

    • Aimee Says:

      Hi Kim, as I’ve said previously, I do not have the templates for the plates 😦 I made them for my son’s party two years ago and didn’t think to keep the templates. I wish I had!!

  91. Karen Says:

    could you please send my info about your lego star wars invites? I have a party in 2 weeks – can i order them?

  92. Pointer Men's Basketball Says:

    Best you could change the webpage title PARTY TIME – Lego Star Wars Aimee Austin Designs to more catching for your blog post you create. I liked the the writing nevertheless.

  93. Headboard Light · Says:

    we always love to be given party invitations and when we organize our own party, we also love to send party invivtations :

  94. Suzannah Young Says:

    How did you do the lightsabors colors? Did you get white noodles & paint them 2 colors? My son & his friends can’t wait for the party! Thanks for the ideas.

  95. Shannon Says:

    Do you sell the digital file for the center piece?

  96. artisttradenetwork Says:

    Great ideas! Can’t wait to make those lighsabers for my son.

  97. Wendy Sutherlin Says:

    Hi Aimee,

    I am just LOVING all of your great ideas for the Star Wars Lego party. Can you let me know how you made the cupcake wrappers (where did you find that paper?) and center piece? I have some son will be 6 in May..never to early to get started though! Thanks for sharing!

  98. Kathryn Olson Says:

    you are out of control inspiring for me. I am having our lego starwars party this thursday and just hope I can do it half as good! THANKS!

  99. Denise Says:

    Hi Aimee,

    I just wanted to thank you for the great pool noodle lightsaber idea. We did it at my son’s 7th birthday party yesterday and it was a hit. The kids ran around the park with them and the adults even got in on it. I blogged about it here:


  100. Kristin M Says:

    Thanks so much for the ideas! I did a Star Wars theme last year for my 6 year old, and he wants it again! Now I know how to step it up a notch! Thanks!

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  103. James Says:

    Cool party stuf dude check out my blog thx!

  104. adam ashbourne Says:

    im looking for some lego starwars birthday paper as my son is mad on it,any ideas where i can get some thanks

  105. Andrea Says:

    Do you do water bottle labels with the Star wars theme as well?

  106. Kathy Says:

    Do u happen to know of a voucher and/or coupon I could use for Princess n the Pee?

  107. Karolyn Says:

    My son’s birthday party is coming up soon and he wants it to be a lego star wars theme or any kind of star wars. With it just being a couple of weeks away, i am looking to send evites, any suggestions on where I can find them?

  108. Stephanie Helder Says:

    looking to customize this invite, would you be able to paste my child’s headshot over Luke’s? Email me if you can. Thanks

  109. carla Says:

    awesome! my son (who is also turning 7 and named jacob) wants the same thing – i will be using some of your great ideas!

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