Custom Outfits

I wanted the boys to look extra cute at Disney World, and since I can NOT sew, I set off to find others who could help me! This is what we ended up with…

My dear friend Tamara made us several things, but sadly, I only have a picture of one set. The boys wore these to Epcot – the fabric was perfect since it had children’s faces from all the different countries of the world. Tamara’s work is fabulous, and she is working on getting her store up! She makes awesome aprons for both adults and children as well as fabric goody bags and crayon totes.

These overalls were hand painted with a Little Einsteins theme by Kathy of Bedknobs-n-Broomsticks. They were a huge hit at the character meal we ate at that featured The Little Einsteins!

This next shirt was made by the fabulously talented and super sweet Lyssa of Sweet Bling-A-Doo Boutique. Lyssa does beautiful applique work, specializing in Disney stuff! She made several shirts for us, but this is the only good picture I have of one of the boys wearing one:

Lyssa also made both boys this shirt to wear to Disney’s Animal Kingdom:

And one like this for my almost two year old that was personalized with his name:

These adorable outfits were made by a seller on ebay who is no longer selling:


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